About us

Since we started in 2001, we set a priority to satisfy all our customers' needs.

Growing activity and development that we enjoy today is due to the advanced technological equipment, highly qualified team and positive mentality. Special orders of radiators we always looked like what we are given a chance to gain more confidence in our forces. Each radiator out of the gate of our workshop, whether it was a radiator repair or one made on the basis of a model and complexity of the requirements, was examined with the same attention to the smallest details. As proof of the responsibility with which we treat each order is the impeccable reputation that we have in our country and abroad. Currently, we make complete cooling systems and individual systems: radiators, oil coolers (for engine, transmission and hydraulic), air coolers, condensers, coolers, chilling. They can be designed in different construction types - plate and bar, welded tubes, shell type, or depending on the specific application.

Radiator custom confection by model or draw, correctly and completely within 7-10 days after the order. We offer warranty on all products. Cooling systems continues to maintain its position among the most important components of a machine. To avoid unpleasant situations, we recommend checking the condition of radiators prior campaigns agricultural, transport machine to work etc.

In a situation where you know you have a radiator problem and have decided to postpone the repair or replacement of, it is preferable to contact us in advance to review with us his condition.

For more information and orders please contact us.